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Engineer Medhat Raouf Shalaby
Eng. Medhat Shalaby
Engineer Medhat Raouf Shalaby is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SHALABY for General Contracting and Real Estate Development. With a passion and talent for flawless architecture and meticulous constructions.

Eng. Shalaby has been involved in numerous projects throughout his extensive career. Since his graduation in 1977 from Cairo University Eng. Shalaby began using his business proficiency and became an active entrepreneur in general contracting and construction. Almost a decade later his experience and dedication lead to the incorporation of SHALABY in 1986 taking on a wide variety of residential, touristic, industrial and recreational projects in Egypt and in the Emirates. Since the year 2000.

Eng. Shalaby began to focus his attention in Egypt and established several real estate investment companies to build residential, administrational and touristic projects in New Cairo and the North Coast. His vision today continues to be the creation of unique spaces, exceptional architecture and durable construction, providing his clients with refined and sophisticated projects. Eng. Shalaby holds a BSc. in Civil Engineering from Cairo University.
  • Vision
SHALABY for General Contracting and Real Estate Development is committed to providing a unique form of architecture that caters to customer satisfaction, one that allows the client to be not only a spectator but part of the construction process.

SHALABY is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional living spaces, architecture and construction that are created with dexterity, intimacy and proficiency; Projects that are delivered with punctuality and quality.

SHALABY aspires to continue in building and instigating successful ventures, unique developments and lasting relations.

SHALABY is devoted to providing customers with distinct, exclusive architecture and efficient construction with the latest technologies, trends and methods.

SHALABY intends on maintaining a global standard of services with progress, development, sophistication and excellence as key factors that drive the company. The ultimate objective is to provide better lifestyles for all those involved with the company, including clients, investors, partners and employees.

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